Are You Taking Full Advantage of the Powerful Benefits of NAQAP Membership?

I often get asked by ancillary healthcare providers, Why should I become a NAQAP member? What will it get me? In case you've been wondering the same thing, I would now like to provide answers.

Networking and advocacy: the 2 most significant benefits of joining NAQAP 

Both of these highly valuable, proprietary capabilities, available only with NAQAP membership, enable healthcare stakeholders especially ancillary providersto better anticipate and respond to critical developments in the ever-changing healthcare sector.

How NAQAP's networking capabilities benefit your organization

The NAQAP platform includes direct providers, payers, ancillary healthcare providers and an extensive network of experts to support our members’ individual and/or collective needs. This gives NAQAP the networking capabilities to introduce members to fellow members in order to bring about lasting solutions and a focus on larger issues that could affect a significant portion of our widespread base. 

How NAQAP's advocating for its members benefits your organization

In addition to our networking capabilities, NAQAP tirelessly supports our members through continuous, results-driven advocacy. Our extensive experience in developing advocacy strategies at the national, state and local levels means that we can effectively guide our members on how to best use these assets to their advantage when crucial healthcare changes are put in place. Indeed, knowing what to do and who to see could very much mean the difference between an organization's success or failure, which is why in today’s volatile healthcare environment, our advocacy expertise is more critical than ever.   

Become a NAQAP member today

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Become a NAQAP member today

Mark the date! NAQAP Fall Summit 2017

I hope you can join us for the second event in the NAQAP Healthcare Impact Series: our Fall Summit scheduled for October 18, 2017 at Seton Hall Law School in Newark, New Jersey. This highly informative one-day conference will examine the crucial topics that are most relevant in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment and most importantly, how they affect ancillary providers.

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